Dark Halo (all positions except Eye of the Demon)


"Those who are selfish and callous are often mistaken for demons -- the dark halo is the true mark of this demonic race."


  • 3a53a83e1e37 Dark Halo
  • 4093fb5e1e39 Dark Halo (Eye of the Demon)
  • 2d29c1ba1e3d Dark Halo (Demon Headdress)
  • 5cbac31e3b Dark Halo (Demonspike)
  • 57e992da1e3f Dark Halo (Demon Neckpiece)
  • 275698861e41 Dark Halo (Darkhold)
  • 198aede11e47 Dark Halo (Darkbinds)
  • 634abe811e49 Dark Halo (Darkclaws)
  • 1d598a7b1e45 Dark Halo (Dark Tail)
  • 5d96cbe61e43 Dark Halo (Darkstep)
  • 13f5b4df1e4b Dark Halo (West Arch)
  • 6935e7bf1e4d Dark Halo (East Arch)

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