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Everything the moon touches is my kingdom.



  • 36c245ec9bdacb.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian
  • 4c02168c9bdacd.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian (Horns)
  • C342e32c9bdacf.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian (Decorated Horns)
  • B982b04c9bdad1.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian (Veiled Mask)
  • 6b20e2d9bdad3.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian (Bangs)
  • B7ba1f909bdad5.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian (Hair)
  • Cd7a4cf09bdad7.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian (Arms)
  • 423ab9509bdad9.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian (Cover)
  • 38faea309bdadb.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian (Shirt)
  • 87ca54519bdadd.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian (Legs)
  • 7ce6cc359bdadf.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian (Bound Legs)
  • 6269f559bdae1.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian (Tail)
  • 89666af59bdae3.png Dark Deity Of Ossidian (Mouth)

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  • F5a56e5b9cf1f9.png A Melting Curiosity
  • E32f89ca9fe1f4.png ANOTHER Deity of Ossidian
  • 10ea32f59f3b1d.png Apatite Deity of Ossidian
  • 2ecf27f49cdcb1.png Biohazard Deity Of Ossidian
  • 4faad03c9c3b7f.png Blushing Deity Of Ossidian
  • 26b54c9b9fa0cf.png [Exclusive] Bugged Deity
  • Ff775ab19edf8b.png C's Deity Tail Collection
  • 12e3dedf9d5d6d.png C's Ridiculously Long Cotton Candy Ponytail
  • 11fdf0bd9e9cf9.png C's Vintage Deity Tail
  • 6c4e72f79d4e05.png Candied Deity of Ossidian
  • 19673f849d66c1.png Corrosive Curiosity Coiffure
  • A496139d9cfebd.png Cosmic Deity
  • 5a2d50319ce627.png Cursed Deity Of Ossidian
  • 26e21b909d80ab.png Cutie Deity of Ossidian
  • Cd5707b59eeb45.png Deity of Big Etoile Hands
  • 8e9417b59e20f5.png Deity of Darkbreeze
  • 1d7269669d65d9.png Deity of Dovuhkiin
  • 713caab09e9ff9.png Deity of Dreams
  • Fe2b4a209ea981.png Deity of Enchanted Sorrow
  • Ea6b48aa9e207b.png Deity of Grimm
  • 3783127c9fd7e4.png [Exclusive] Deity of Ishguard
  • 8a7f51b39fca81.png Deity of Lyrae
  • F0682d7fa0ae32.png Deity of Oblivion
  • 7a17e0a59cdf1b.png Deity Of Osseadian
  • 2222bb639bd2a5.png Deity Of Ossidian
  • 7a71cc3c9cfd8f.png Deity of Shadows
  • F61ad7239e4d07.png Deity Of Snotberry
  • 6011e9d89d934d.png Deity of the Galaxy
  • 599c343d9d51b1.png Deity of the Old Moon
  • B3fc21b29f1217.png [Exclusive] Deity of the Ruins
  • 679755a29e42bd.png Deity of the Sea
  • 94d12f79db729.png [Exclusive] Delicate Deity of Ossidian
  • 656eb2a79d9a6b.png Demure Deity of Ossidian
  • E58833a89d33cf.png Divin Fraisier
  • Ff5a4f069fe172.png Dramatic Deity Of Ossidian
  • 6947f49a9fddb4.png Dulcet Deity Of Ossidian
  • 8ee751319d01cb.png Elysian Deity of the Mist
  • 341a05b89c2ac7.png Enchanting Deity Of Ossidian
  • 168e21979d4e07.png Fafnir's Last Deity
  • D0978c6f9bd941.png Faithful Deity Of Ossidian
  • 16e342119ea6c5.png Fiery Deity Locks
  • E92d15329e2743.png Gentle Deity of Ossidian
  • 220f61969ef509.png [Exclusive] Husband of Noire
  • Ba7955faa0a7f4.png Interstellar Deity Of Ossidian
  • 9dc7908ba216dd.png Luminous Deity Of Ossidian
  • 6ea07b8a9cfdb1.png Monarch of Ossidian
  • 848c09c99bd901.png Morbid Deity Of Ossidian
  • 9d0e35d59e1465.png Nephilim Of Ossidian
  • 6dac0e649d9df3.png Oathkeeper of Ossidian
  • B0438dfe9d0f93.png Obscure Deity Of Ossidian
  • C291f2339ef39b.png Opalescent Deity Of Ossidian
  • 98483e18a28e2c.png Painted Deity Of Ossidian
  • 28d886069d6aab.png Prestigious Deity of Ossidian
  • Aa2df7d6a2a0e9.png Quiet Deity Of Ossidian
  • F58a5c92a19e4a.png Rose Deity Of Ossidian
  • B55370739e1305.png Royalty of Ossidian
  • 674c5a729ecccd.png Seaside Deity Of Ossidian
  • B48a46469cb1cd.png Sinful Deity Of Ossidian
  • 78e25eb19cdd45.png [Exclusive] Small Dragon of Ossidian
  • 6bac244a9f0abb.png Somber Deity Of Ossidian
  • Cfaf0f2b9cf20d.png Starry Deity Of Ossidian
  • B4043ac99d2c3f.png Thirsty Deity Of Ossidian
  • 145495369d519d.png Toxic Deity of Ossidian
  • F31b0cc29eb8df.png Twinkling Deity Of Ossidian
  • 2acbb5709bdb77.png Velvetine Deity Of Ossidian
  • 97381d9e054b.png Vivid Deity Of Ossidian
  • Eb7fb5399ef215.png Wishful Deity Of Ossidian
  • 78e9b19f9e3cdd.png Woodland Deity

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