"A fuzzy, quiet, mischievous companion. It likes sunlight and reproduces via magical, bioluminescent spores. Not recommended for those sensitive to allergies."


  • 3313a2c23ab1 DandiiDooDad Spore
  • 49d3f1a23ab3 DandiiDooDad Spore (Glowing)
  • Ae0bd823d65 DandiiDooDad Clock
  • B2a8ba493d75 DandiiDooDad Clock behind-the-ear (right side)
  • 3de84fe93d77 DandiiDooDad Clock behind-the-ear (left side)
  • 3313a2c23ab1 DandiiDooDad (original pose)
  • 17e5fdaa3fed DandiiDooDad Pollinator
  • D21510ab3ff1 DandiiDooDad Pollinator (Glowing)
  • De95290542d9 DandiiDooDad Neophyte (Airborne)
  • 51d5dca542db DandiiDooDad Neophyte
  • 2b158fc542dd DandiiDooDad Neophyte (Right Side)
  • 942531a442df DandiiDooDad Neophyte (On Ur Head)
  • 22c108cb42e1 DandiiDooDad Neophyte (Left Side)
  • D4efb59b4be9 DandiiDooDad Zoophyte
  • 5baf403b4beb DandiiDooDad Zoophyte (Right Side)
  • 216f135b4bed DandiiDooDad Zoophyte (Shy)
  • 9e5fad3a4bef DandiiDooDad Zoophyte (On Ur Head)
  • B32ad6434bf1 DandiiDooDad Zoophyte (Symbiont)
  • E807c8e84f8d DandiiDooDad Homunculus (Right Side)
  • 599b482d4f99 DandiiDooDad Homunculus (Left Side)
  • 278d0f584f9d DandiiDooDad Homunculus (Rooted)
  • D20da9984fa1 DandiiDooDad Homunculus (Symbiont Phase II)
  • A8cdfaf84fa3DandiiDooDad Homunculus (Hold)
  • 5be78e53b3 DandiiDooDad Defector (Left Side)
  • Bf6b59ef53b5 DandiiDooDad Defector (Right Side)
  • 4447c18b53b7 DandiiDooDad Defector (Latch)
  • 3e8792eb53b9 DandiiDooDad Defector Dagger
  • B1c7674b53bb DandiiDooDad Defector Trichome
  • Cb07342b53bd DandiiDooDad Defector Symbiont Phase III

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