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Can hot new designer Luka LaGrand go from lowly fashion designer graduate to the winner of the new reality series "Custom Cut"?


  • F1caf21112dba.png Custom Cut
  • 7e8a07b112dbc.png Custom Cut (Luka's shirt and tie)
  • 44a54d112dbe.png Custom Cut (Luka's jeans)
  • 3a9621b412dc4.png Custom Cut (Luka's first ever design)
  • E2b24f9012e97.png Custom Cut (Hooded asymmetrical sweater)
  • B5d6d41412dc6.png Custom Cut (Luka's lucky hat)
  • Cf16877412dc8.png Custom Cut (Fabric yard scarf)
  • 320b447b12f99.png Custom Cut (High waisted skirt)
  • 48cb171b12f9b.png Custom Cut (Dress form)
  • 7d7bc52d1312d.png Custom Cut (Model's long hair)
  • 7bb964d1312f.png Custom Cut (Model's short hair)
  • F4dbd87b13179.png Custom Cut (Model's icy stare)
  • 8e1b8b1b1317b.png Custom Cut (The runway)
  • 65a421a4131f3.png Custom Cut (Belted coat)
  • 1f6472c4131f1.png Custom Cut (Cross pants and boots)
  • 84f530d213219.png Custom Cut (Belted garment)
  • A9804bab131ef.png Custom Cut (Leather pants and boots)
  • Fe3563b21321b.png Custom Cut (Structured shoulder)


  • The 4th Gen. could be acquired from Spinami.

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