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Your princess is in another bazaar. -_-


  • F9caf6f19b2ac9.png Creme Lavende
  • 768a03519b2acb.png Creme Lavende (Purple Locks)
  • C4a50319b2acd.png Creme Lavende (chuu~)
  • B37aee509b2acf.png Creme Lavende (Hime Dress)
  • 9e0f95299b2ad1.png Creme Lavende (Sassy Taunt)
  • E4cfc6499b2ad3.png Creme Lavende (Gilt Stockings)
  • 6b8f33e99b2ad5.png Creme Lavende (Deco Bow)
  • 114f60899b2ad7.png Creme Lavende (Deco Clips)
  • Ae7fdee89b2ad9.png Creme Lavende (Toadstool Purse)


  • This item references the character Princess Peach from the Mario franchise.

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  • 3b40f0a29cc443.png Rosalynn the Pumpkin Princess
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