One of natures most mysterious phenomenons, this strange insect is always changing its form.


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  • 5792de58641f Coocoon
  • 5792de58641f Coocoon (leaf)
  • Acbe463c641d Coocoon (earring)
  • Ec6eff556af3 Coocoon (luna imago)
  • Ccda55c06b99 Coocoon (saturnia imago)
  • B61a06a06b9b Coocoon (indrid imago)
  • 2d4806416af5 Coocoon (luna imago - in my hair)
  • 92ab8c16b9d Coocoon (saturnia imago - in my hair)
  • F20620a56b9f Coocoon (indrid imago - in my hair)
  • 578855216af7 Coocoon (luna imago - held)
  • 88c673c56ba1 Coocoon (saturnia imago - held)
  • B61a06a06b9b Coocoon (indrid imago - held)
  • Ec6eff556af3 Coocoon (luna imago - on my foot)
  • Ccda55c06b99 Coocoon (saturnia imago - on my foot)
  • B61a06a06b9b Coocoon (indrid imago - on my foot)
  • 695420446b05 Coocoon (lunar silk scarf)
  • D6649e256b07 Coocoon (saturnian silk scarf)
  • 7492520b6ba9 Coocoon (indridian silk scarf)
  • C3a3a4716f6d Coocoon (luna valescens)
  • B963f7116f6f Coocoon (saturnia valescens)
  • 65349706f71 Coocoon (indrid valescens)
  • Fd7fd1146f73 Coocoon (luna valescens - behind me)
  • 87bf82746f75 Coocoon (saturnia valescens - behind me)
  • 8ff77d46f77 Coocoon (indrid valescens - behind me)
  • 9abab2cc6f7f Coocoon (luna carnival mask)
  • 15fa476c6f81 Coocoon (saturnia carnival mask)
  • 6f3a140c6f83 Coocoon (indrid carnival mask)
  • 2b2632096f87 Coocoon (lunar silk sash)
  • 51e661696f89 Coocoon (saturnian silk sash)
  • Dea694c96f8b Coocoon (indridian silk sash)
  • B0828143758d Coocoon (luna metamorph)
  • 3fc274e3758f Coocoon (saturnia metamorph)
  • 450227837591 Coocoon (indrid metamorph)
  • 4b3a885f7595 Coocoon (lunar moth hair shirt)
  • 31fadb3f7597 Coocoon (saturnian moth hair shirt)
  • Beba2e9f7599 Coocoon (indridian moth hair shirt)
  • 42ee0f5175b9 Coocoon (lunar silk gloves)
  • Fddeb13075bb Coocoon (saturnian silk gloves)
  • D0abca4975bd Coocoon (indridian silk gloves)
  • 5feb3fe975c3 Coocoon (lunar silk stockings)
  • E0db818875c5 Coocoon (saturnian silk stockings)
  • 1bf719ec75c7 Coocoon (indridian silk stockings)
  • 969beb467a63 Coocoon (Sister Luna)
  • Ec5bb8267a65 Coocoon (Brother Saturnia)
  • 631b4d867a67 Coocoon (Sister Indrid)
  • A6bc73087acb Coocoon (lunar silk trousers)
  • 4e39e5707ad1 Coocoon (saturnian silk trousers)
  • 34f9b6107ad3 Coocoon (indridian silk trousers)
  • 19db1ee67a69 Coocoon (lunar moth antennae)
  • A6eba0877a6b Coocoon (saturnian moth antennae)
  • 8b9edbfe7a6d Coocoon (indridian moth antennae)
  • 5ae852c67aaf Coocoon (lunar silk skirt)
  • 1ef474c37ab3 Coocoon (saturnian silk skirt)
  • 643427a37ab5 Coocoon (indridian silk skirt)
  • 5f32f6677e11 Coocoon (lunar moth wings)
  • D07203c77e13 Coocoon (saturnian moth wings)
  • Aab250a77e15 Coocoon (indridian moth wings)

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