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"A skein of finely spun silk brought to you by a pair of interesting critters."


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  • F5ee063d925d Classilke
  • F5ee063d925d Classilke (original pose)
  • 3549c3a92a3 Classilke (Penny and Webb)
  • De897f5c944b Classilke (Crochet Leaf Lariat Necklace)
  • 51c98afc944d Classilke (Crochet Leaf Lariat)
  • D088c435965a Classilke (Penny necklace)
  • Aa489755965c Classilke (Webb on you shoulder)
  • B86333fc9ade Classilke (Fancy crochet hook)
  • Fc7f15f99ae2 Classilke (Crochet earrings)
  • 9ffb3399ae6 Classilke (brooch)
  • 733fe0599ae8 Classilke (hairpin)
  • Cc0f5e389aea Classilke (Penny hairpin)
  • 7aeb67579aec Classilke (Web brooch)
  • 4a69c6789b9e Classilke (bolero)
  • D9a45d749f5c Classilke (Lacey Shawl)
  • 6694e3159f5e Classilke (Laceknit Knee-his)
  • Fd63da959f62 Classilke (Ruffley Wristlets)
  • 72232f359f64 Classilke (Crochet hat)
  • 66f298839f8a Classilke (Web grew!)
  • E9b26d239f8c Classilke (Plump Penny)
  • 8a90c267a998 Classilke (Lacey Tunic)
  • 35a07c06a99a Classilke (T-strap heels)
  • 83444569a99c Classilke (Lace Silk Blouse)
  • F9841609a99e Classilke (Lace Cravat)
  • 76c4e3a9a9a0 Classilke (Felted Cloche)
  • 2fddf514a9b2 Classilke (Crystal needles)
  • Da5d53d4a9b6 Classilke (Web in my arms)
  • 656dedb5a9b8 Classilke (Hungry Penny)
  • B3486ff7acd6 Classilke (Cabled Sweater Over Shirt)
  • C78d196acd8 Classilke (Knitted Check socks)
  • F75449f2acda Classilke (Tweed Newsboy Cap)
  • 7814bc52ace0 Classilke (Web's Vest)
  • C48aaf8cacfe Classilke (Wrapped up)
  • 7bba11edad00 Classilke (Large Penny)
  • Fa56dae9ad04 Classilke (Large Web)
  • Aba62367af60 Classilke (Glam Coat)
  • 14969d06af62 Classilke (Glam Coat Open)
  • A59e8cbbaf64 Classilke (shoulder wrap)
  • E6c3b18eb023 Classilke (Felt Wool Coat)
  • Dff3ec39b045 Classilke (Cabled Leg Warmers)
  • A533bf59b047 Classilke (Arm Warmers)
  • E7cf71aab09d Classilke (Scarf)
  • 25472501b0b3 Classilke (Penny's Wings)
  • 5f877661b0b5 Classilke (Caterpillar bottom)
  • 428246d9b0bf Classilke (Spider bottom)

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