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You, who disregards my instructions at every turn.
You, whose naivety has situated yourself in many a danger.
You, whose kindness has left you desolate and betrayed.
Again and again I will help you.
For it is you who will free me of my curse.
For it is you who must take my head.


  • 8cc03887995a79.png Chronicle of Fennec
  • 77eca0e3995a7b.png Chronicle of Fennec (Ears)
  • D2cf383995a7d.png Chronicle of Fennec (Bangs)
  • F8ac5543995a81.png Chronicle of Fennec (Eyes)
  • 479ceb22995a83.png Chronicle of Fennec (Scarf)
  • 86ba1236995a85.png Chronicle of Fennec (Arms)
  • Fc7a4156995a87.png Chronicle of Fennec (Legs)
  • 733ab4f6995a89.png Chronicle of Fennec (Horse)

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