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Deadly dangerous with a bow, Chiron generally keeps himself hidden away in the forest, rarely interacting with the other denizens.


  • 4ce3dcd39b8ed5.png Chiron the Notorious Hunter
  • 36238fb39b8ed7.png Chiron the Hunter (Quiver of Arrows)
  • 891331d29b8ed9.png Chiron the Hunter (Hair)
  • 723fa9b69b8edb.png Chiron the Hunter (Intense Eyes)
  • 8fffad69b8edd.png Chiron the Hunter (Leather Shoulderpads)
  • 87bf0f769b8edf.png Chiron the Hunter (Rose Tattoos)
  • Fd7f5c169b8ee1.png Chiron the Hunter (Strolling Legs)

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