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[Animal] Chimeran Kitten (all positions except envelope)


When the time comes to name the wizard that will carry the name of Merlin, a mythical creature is born to be his or her companion through the long years. The Chimera is the rarest of them all.


  • 8abc004c9b3399.png [Animal] Chimeran Kitten
  • 3bb411f19b33af.png [Animal] Chimeran Kitten (Eyes)
  • Bd20635f9b33b9.png [Animal] Chimeran Kitten (ears)
  • 417442919b33b1.png [Animal] Chimeran Kitten (wings)
  • Ce34b7319b33b3.png [Animal] Chimeran Kitten (Paws)
  • Bc45a309b33b7.png [Animal] Chimeran Kitten (Tail)
  • B4f4e4519b33b5.png [Animal] Chimeran Kitten (skin)
  • 14e182bc9a86db.png [Animal] July 2015 Collectible Envelope

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