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When the bell chimes, it chimes for thee.


  • 91bac70b99e8ed.png Chime of Charisma
  • 2e8a796a99e8ef.png Chime of Charisma (Flowing Hair)
  • 3ff021399e8f1.png Chime of Charisma (Deep Eyes)
  • 793f517399e8f3.png Chime of Charisma (Cute Legs)
  • F67fa4d399e8f5.png Chime of Charisma (Big Bow)
  • 8cbff7b399e8f7.png Chime of Charisma (Off-shoulder dress)
  • 338f49d299e8f9.png Chime of Charisma (Jumper)

Related Items[]

  • 2c6692fc9972cf.png Chime Mystique
  • 74cc86ed997907.png Chime of Passion
  • Fb8c734d99790d.png Chime of Silence

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