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Then angels will shoot arrows at the loved ones of those they've been sent to protect, and a miracle will happen.


  • Aeaa9ed6997697.png Cherubic Gatekeeper
  • 119a20b7997699.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (Hair Accessory)
  • Eab6b8d399769b.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (Headwings)
  • 9076ebb399769d.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (Flowing Hair)
  • 1f361e1399769f.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (Eyes)
  • 65f64d739976a1.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (Mouth)
  • Dac6f3129976a3.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (Collar)
  • 1be00a069976a5.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (X Belt)
  • 612059669976a7.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (Skirtwings)
  • 94a0ffa69976ab.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (Undergarments)
  • 2b9041c79976ad.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (Shirt)
  • D0bcd9a39976af.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (Gloves)
  • Aa7c8ac39976b1.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (Legs)
  • 253c7f639976b3.png Cherubic Gatekeeper (Short Hair)


  • This item could be acquired from Spinami.

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