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Cherry Blossom (all positions except Petal Shower)


The delicate pink blossoms of the cherry tree have long been held as a symbol of beauty and femininity.


  • Bdb12bf18a99.png Cherry Blossom
  • C77178918a9b.png Cherry Blossom (Petal Wreath)
  • 7c97d2e58a97.png Cherry Blossom (Petal Collar)
  • 48318d318a9d.png Cherry Blossom (Boutonniere)
  • C3a76c848a95.png Cherry Blossom (Petal Dress)
  • 32f1de518a9f.png Cherry Blossom (Petal Wings)
  • 8dc160308aa1.png Cherry Blossom (Petal Shower)
  • 76edf8548aa3.png Cherry Blossom (Hanami)

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