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Fawnicorns' magical horns are at first covered in fine, soft velvet, becoming smooth and crystalline as they grow older.



  • 1d8271419b2c89.png Cedar the Fawnicorn
  • 674222219b2c8b.png Cedar the Fawnicorn (nuzzle)
  • E802d7819b2c8d.png Cedar the Fawnicorn (magic)
  • 92c284e19b2c8f.png Cedar the Fawnicorn (sweet dreams)
  • 2df23a809b2c91.png Cedar the Fawnicorn (velvet horn)
  • D6dea2e49b2c93.png Cedar the Fawnicorn (magic eyes)
  • Ac1ef1849b2c95.png Cedar the Fawnicorn (tail)
  • 235e04249b2c97.png Cedar the Fawnicorn (I am)

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  • 272f8aaa9b0181.png Cypress the Fawnicorn
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  • 8a073ea69fb19d.png Fawnicorn Tail
  • Daa4b74f9a7b35.png Juniper the Fawnicorn
  • 62487c8b9fef60.png Juniper the Opal Fawnicorn
  • 334389d99fb2f5.png Juniper's Sight

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