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Captive Syrma (all positions)


Captive Syrma is a hot-headed interstellar jailbird who burns for his lost love. Look tough and dangerous his orange prisoner's outfit, his chains, and a constellation tattoo that doubles as a map to freedom.


  • 95e5f2221658f.png Captive Syrma
  • Ab39874716581.png Captive Syrma (Scar and Hair)
  • 81344594165b5.png Captive Syrma (Prisoner Coat)
  • Ef25a14216591.png Captive Syrma (Prisoner Slacks)
  • Fbf416f4165b3.png Captive Syrma (Burning Chains)
  • D88e90165b1.png Captive Syrma (Constellation Tattoos)

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  • 84e871949dd649.png Sealed Syrma

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