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A mage of Lalune once found a magical trinket and got more then they bargained for.

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  • 751dc01c9a7ecb Capricious Woe
  • Fa5d35bc9a7ecd Capricious Woe (hair)
  • 809d66dc9a7ecf Capricious Woe (patched face)
  • 3fadd8bd9a7ed1 Capricious Woe (tattered collar)
  • C48140d99a7ed3 Capricious Woe (mage's sleeves)
  • Be4113b99a7ed5 Capricious Woe (mage's suit)
  • 3101e6199a7ed7 Capricious Woe (mage's strut)
  • 4bc1b5799a7ed9 Capricious Woe (mage's prance)

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