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An unexpected letter arrives at Cariana's door one day inviting her to work at the cozy little Cafe Rosa. Who is the mysterious owner of this cafe and what secrets does it hold?


  • 6c07d549990c89.png Cafe Rosa
  • D3376b28990c8b.png Cafe Rosa (decorated key)
  • 65d35247990c8d.png Cafe Rosa (plaid & bow)
  • 1f130127990c8f.png Cafe Rosa (stockings)
  • 9053f487990c91.png Cafe Rosa (cafe exterior)
  • Ea93a7e7990c93.png Cafe Rosa (Tarkie aka Tarquin Barnaby III)
  • 55a31986990c95.png Cafe Rosa (apron)
  • D44fd282990c99.png Cafe Rosa (customer orders)
  • 5b0f2722990c9b.png Cafe Rosa (work shirt)
  • 21cf7442990c9d.png Cafe Rosa (giant cappucino)
  • B38ab15a990ca1.png Cafe Rosa (bean skirt)
  • C94ae23a990ca3.png Cafe Rosa (cream eyes)
  • 460a179a990ca5.png Cafe Rosa (heels)
  • 3cca44fa990ca7.png Cafe Rosa (bonnet)
  • 83fafa9b990ca9.png Cafe Rosa (hair)
  • 216319f990cad.png Cafe Rosa (cafe counter)
  • 8d56c43f990caf.png Cafe Rosa (table and chair)
  • F796975f990cb1.png Cafe Rosa (I Am Tarquin)

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