An unexpected letter arrives at Cariana's door one day inviting her to work at the cozy little Cafe Miam. Who is the mysterious owner of this cafe and what secrets does it hold?


  • Fa4f49af98b649 Cafe Miam
  • 457ff7ce98b64b Cafe Miam (decorated key)
  • 680a8cb798b64d Cafe Miam (plaid & bow)
  • 12cadfd798b64f Cafe Miam (stockings)
  • 9d8a2a7798b651 Cafe Miam (cafe exterior)
  • E1aa91e198b6c9 Cafe Miam (Tarkie aka Tarquin Barnaby II)
  • 9b6ac28198b6cb Cafe Miam (apron)
  • 1ec48ce898b6ef Cafe Miam (customer orders)
  • 9184794898b6f1 Cafe Miam (work shirt)
  • Eb442a2898b6f3 Cafe Miam (giant cappucino)
  • 5474944998b6f5 Cafe Miam (bean skirt)
  • A153b5e98b719 Cafe Miam (hazel eyes)
  • 70d5683e98b71b Cafe Miam (heels)
  • 37a4a17398b7bd Cafe Miam (bonnet)
  • Cc88391798b7bf Cafe Miam (hair)
  • B6486a7798b7c1 Cafe Miam (cafe counter)
  • 39089fd798b7c3 Cafe Miam (table and chair)
  • 43c8ccb798b7c5 Cafe Miam (I Am Tarquin)

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