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Keeper of the sacred words: nigh, whee-pom, and dragonmonkey.

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  • 6ea9c0609c0dc9 CMYK Knightingale
  • 146993009c0dcb CMYK Knightingale (Winged Ear)
  • Ab592d619c0dcd CMYK Knightingale (Hair)
  • 5075b5059c0dcf CMYK Knightingale (Arms)
  • 2ab5e6659c0dd1 CMYK Knightingale (Chest Plate)
  • A5f513c59c0dd3 CMYK Knightingale (Dress)
  • Df3540a59c0dd5 CMYK Knightingale (Legs)

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  • This recolor was designed by user dragonmonkey.

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