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There once was a Blademaster, residing comfortably within a lavish Empire; spending most of his days tending the forge & nights feasting in the Grand Hall, with the unified Regal Court.

Life was grand for the Blademaster, until one day, a great war began brewing... Battle lines began to form... The Regal Court had to take swift action, lest the Empire be torn asunder... It had been decreed, the Blademaster was to betrayed, backstabbed, and exiled permanently.

The Blademaster; wounded & hurting, wandered for a fortnight, until he came upon a long forgotten & abandoned Forge, from aeons past, in a realm cloaked in shadow. From the deepest depths of the Forge, The Blademaster had constructed a masterpiece; a blade that could pierce the Heavens above... and topple the Empire he once called home...


  • 8c4e848b9e4395.png Byzantine Backstabber
  • 77621cef9e4397.png Byzantine Backstabber (back-mounted r)
  • Da24f8f9e4399.png Byzantine Backstabber (back-mounted l)
  • 82e2ba2f9e439b.png Byzantine Backstabber (back waist-mounted)
  • F822e94f9e439d.png Byzantine Backstabber (side mount r)
  • F822e94f9e439d.png Byzantine Backstabber (side mount l)


  • This item was designed by user Hellbound Dreams.

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