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Listen closely: Do you hear that tiny squeaking? That’s the adorable sound of a Bunnykit begging for food. The reason you hear it so often is that these precious Kin are always hungry. After some research, it’s been proven that their dietary needs include cotton candy, rainbows, and cloudstuff.

Hobbies: Riding in coat pockets, sitting in large shoes, bouncing


  • 90a2f1139b5bd5.png Bunnykit
  • 62b8cf89b78b1.png Bunnykit (Hoodie)
  • 896b79589b78ab.png Human Bunnykit (Overshoulder Coat)
  • 2fd98ed9b78b7.png Bunnykit (Face)
  • B91b32999b78b3.png Bunnykit (Hair)
  • 783dcb8d9b78b5.png Bunnykit (Shirt)
  • 8dbd6d4d9b78b9.png Bunnykit (Shorts)
  • F3ab2a389b78ad.png Bunnykit (Jeans)
  • 7cebdf989b78af.png Bunnykit (Tail)


  • This item is granted for reaching level 10 with [KINDRED] Bunnykit in Lake Kindred.

Related Items[]

  • Bf239fe29c499d.png Candied Bunnykit
  • 9ae039539bbabf.png Sweet Bunnykit
  • 3b80caa39b6059.png Vibrant Bunnykit


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