Briar Sonnet (all positions)


"This flamboyant writer spends at least as much time composing passionate poems as he does grooming his distinctive hairstyle. In his slim trousers and velvet coat, he cuts a striking silhouette against the rare roses in his private villa garden."


  • Cee9a05498af83 Briar Sonnet
  • 66f1d7b398af7f Briar Sonnet (Rose Pompadour)
  • 3b69069498af87 Briar Sonnet (Velvet Capelet)
  • 41a955f498af85 Briar Sonnet (Velvet Coat)
  • B429f33498af81 Briar Sonnet (Strike a Pose)
  • C61f4ff98af99 Briar Sonnet (Gloves)

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