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The boar is hot-tempered and impulsive, and not well liked, but if you're one of the few who can earn his friendship, he'll be loyal to you forever.


  • 439d4919a237b.png Boorish Boar
  • 209828e69a23a5.png Boorish Boar (hair)
  • A60c5a489a239b.png Boorish Boar (eyes)
  • 6a2830479a239f.png Boorish Boar (mouth)
  • 967c11899a2393.png Boorish Boar (ears)
  • Ecbc42e99a2395.png Boorish Boar (pin)
  • 4025f2949a237f.png Boorish Boar (salute)

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  • A77cf109da31f.png Spicy Boar
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