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Blessed Dragon (all positions except envelope)


"A kind, but powerful creature whose been tragically misunderstood, and mistaken for a monster. That is until she comes across a human who sees her for what she truly is."


  • A17acf949c6487.png Blessed Dragon
  • De37fe99c6475.png Blessed Dragon (Hair)
  • F863d9299c6479.png Blessed Dragon (arms)
  • E566e9919c6483.png Blessed Dragon (Shirt)
  • 9fa6baf19c6481.png Blessed Dragon (feet)
  • 6a261c319c647d.png Blessed Dragon (wings)
  • 10e64f519c647f.png Blessed Dragon (perch)
  • 6e4fed339c4ce1.png March 2016 Collectible Envelope

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  • 1cfa607d9e247f.png Enchanted Dragon
  • B1be38de9d7c77.png Fierce Blessed Dragon
  • C61820c99d5401.png Glacial Blessed Dragon
  • Bca453e79cd3ff.png Greedy Blessed Dragon
  • 6535cc2d9f2c21.png Magical Dragon
  • 700a5e199f6eb5.png More Bare Blessed Arms
  • 886be6519e9add.png Nocturnal Dragon
  • A641e5a29dc6f3.png Regal Blessed Dragon
  • B1a02c5d9dbaab.png Rosy Dragon
  • Ca3520529def95.png Sinful Blessed Dragon
  • 4b8ccc2c9e3aab.png Wish on a Fallen Dragon

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