Blackest Snow (all positions except envelope)


Enchanted by the beauty of winter, he willed that his heart be as cold as snow, so that he may be forever at her side...unaware that in doing so, his frozen heart would turn black.


  • 6d938c379c031d Blackest Snow
  • 479e4ee49c0339 Blackest Snow (Hair)
  • F602ce219c0345 Blackest Snow (Eyes)
  • 3d5e1d849c033b Blackest Snow (coat)
  • B21ee8249c033d Blackest Snow (Pants)
  • C8debb449c033f Blackest Snow (snow)
  • 8cc29d419c0343 Blackest Snow (Snowy Mountains)
  • Dfbd51199a86e5 December 2015 Collectible Envelope

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