A delicate little lidded bowl, filled with crystalline sugar. One can never tell what sweet things will come from it...


  • 3ed203be3f87 Biancamella
  • 3ed203be3f87 Biancamella bowl
  • Db1a6c615037 Biancamella (spun-sugar dress)
  • A1da3f015039 Biancamella (bonbon corset)
  • 1eea8160503b Biancamella (pulled taffy wig)
  • 339ffa19503d Biancamella (taffy wig)
  • 495fa979503f Biancamella (candied wings)
  • C61f5cd95041 Biancamella (crystalized halo)
  • Bcdf0fb95043 Biancamella (Biancamella)
  • 3efb1d85045 Biancamella (Biancamella appears)
  • F8c329bc5047 Biancamella (caramel comb)
  • 82037adc5049 Biancamella (fairy floss)
  • D438f7c504b Biancamella (dress and corset)
  • 3cfc466e4ebf Biancamella (slowing)
  • 8a187f014ec1 Biancamella (floating)
  • F0d82c614ec3 Biancamella (carmelize)
  • 7f98d9c14ec5 Biancamella (cameo brooch)
  • 5588aa14ec7 Biancamella (long sleeve bolero)
  • Ba6834c04ec9 Biancamella (puff sleeve bolero)
  • 5d4fa8cd4d05 Biancamella (growing)
  • E27f16ac4d07 Biancamella (materialize)
  • 549b2fc34d09 Biancamella (pull)
  • 2e5b7ca34d0b Biancamella (sweet parasol)
  • E5de16184655 Biancamella (embroidered stockings)
  • 9f1e45784657 Biancamella (dissolve)
  • 7de14f9e40a9 Biancamella (sugar stole)
  • F2a1ba3e40ab Biancamella (warm glow)
  • B192f61e3f89 Biancamella (belt)

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