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I love succulents! Cute, chubby, impossible to kill! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶


  • Cec49dbd9f4f1b.png Berry Succulove
  • B3470bc9f4f1f.png Berry Succulove (Succulent Crown)
  • Ca1289a89f4f21.png Berry Succulove (Flouncy Dress)
  • B0d2dac89f4f23.png Berry Succulove (Gardening Boots)
  • 3f922f689f4f25.png Berry Succulove (Gardening Trousers)
  • 45527c089f4f27.png Berry Succulove (Succulent Corsage)
  • Fa62c2699f4f29.png Berry Succulove (I love plants!)
  • 14e5a0d9f4f2b.png Berry Succulove (Prim Braid)
  • 7b8e096d9f4f2d.png Berry Succulove (Bun)
  • F4cefccd9f4f2f.png Berry Succulove (Gardening Shirt)

Related Items[]

  • Bbc4537e9c4731.png Adorable Succulove
  • Ad45132d9c47d9.png Fuzzy Succulove
  • 46c5fd7e9dcf21.png Gardening With Teabreeze Leaves
  • C1f69a609c48a3.png Gentle Succulove
  • C4c4cee69c58ed.png Golden Succulove
  • De5186529d83c1.png Noble Succulove
  • 36d476a49c6703.png Pastel Succulove
  • 743a25649e1e11.png Precious Succulove
  • Ed8b49f99dc31d.png Rose Succulove
  • 6bbaf5089c846f.png Spring Succulove
  • Abf258c49c4401.png Succulove
  • 7d359f119e1275.png Sugary Succulove

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