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He partied to death... but thats his cross to bear.

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  • 6c3eea889c1e39 Ber Basher
  • E37e1f289c1e3b Ber Basher (Hair Extensions)
  • 99be4c489c1e3d Ber Basher (Oversize Tee)
  • 268ef2299c1e3f Ber Basher (Baggy Shorts)
  • 906acb469c1e41 Ber Basher (Bangs)
  • Eaaa98269c1e43 Ber Basher (Mask)
  • 65ea6d869c1e45 Ber Basher (Arms)

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  • This recolor was designed by user Ted D Ber.

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