Beard Science (all positions)


Dressed in a fire-proof coat and chemical burn-proof slacks, this professor is careful to not singe his iconic red beard as he mixes explosive substances for his terrified students. It's a tough job, but he gladly risks life and limb to explore the mysteries of mythical alchemy... for science!


  • C39f287816985 Beard Science
  • 7caf961916983 Beard Science (Singed Red Hair)
  • 3167371216997 Beard Science (Fireproof Coat)
  • 4273e37c16989 Beard Science (Fireproof Slacks)
  • 4ba7647216995 Beard Science (Fireproof Gloves)
  • 38b3b01c16987 Beard Science (Explosive Chemicals)

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