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In the day it’s the scent of flowers, at night it’s the shining of the stars.


  • Bdc0029c9a9aa9.png Azurite Millennium
  • 2f0bcfd9a9aab.png Azurite Millennium (Curly Pigtails)
  • 2f85c7849a9aad.png Azurite Millennium (Pearl Pins)
  • 554594e49a9aaf.png Azurite Millennium (Azurite Blue Eyes)
  • Da0561449a9ab1.png Azurite Millennium (Regal Neckline)
  • A0c532249a9ab3.png Azurite Millennium (Princess Dress)
  • 1ff58c459a9ab5.png Azurite Millennium (Princess Sleeves)
  • E4d914219a9ab7.png Azurite Millennium (Princess Bow)
  • 9e1947419a9ab9.png Azurite Millennium (Princess Shoes)
  • 1159b2e19a9abb.png Azurite Millennium (Legendary Crystal)

Related Items[]

  • 9ee97ec59a1e23.png Amethyst Millennium
  • 5b5ff4bd9b99d3.png Celestial Millennium
  • 167489169ec9c9.png Chrysocolla Millennium
  • 604676d9b9a25.png CMYK Millennium
  • Ba6672a89a12c5.png Crystal Century
  • 4b56cb7b9a090d.png Crystal Millennium
  • 3165f949a3c01.png Diamond Millennium
  • 523d0510a06704.png Dusky Millennium
  • D866ca4d9a3e5d.png Emerald Millennium
  • Fe4510419b9935.png Friendly Millennium
  • 3c9b0b449b3683.png Fruity Millennium
  • 8b2e139e9a3c19.png Garnet Millennium
  • Ecd00b619b403b.png Golden Millennium
  • 69d3ba829ab39d.png Kunzite Millennium
  • 1805f2ce9a4f83.png Lapis Millennium
  • 21fc388c9d8b1d.png Moonstone Millennium
  • 8464e60da06718.png New Millennium
  • A90f67169a8e65.png Opalite Millennium
  • A90de3739a4f85.png Pearl Millennium
  • B0d588c19b68e7.png Prism Millennium
  • 55193fc99ce67d.png Raspberry Millennium
  • 69d5403d9a4899.png Rose Millennium
  • 74ad5d5a9a1099.png Serendibite Millennium
  • B1be4e729b2645.png Serene Millennium
  • 31891e89fba77.png Swamped Crystal Millennium
  • 71a9b80a9fdb3e.png Sweet Crystal Millennium
  • 177d6f59c01eb.png Sweet Millennium
  • 8f1554469a0fd9.png Tanzanite Millennium
  • C7c4d5a49a181f.png Topaz Millennium
  • 4982b4b09b705d.png Tourmaline Millennium
  • 59f80b4d9b106b.png Turquoise Millennium
  • 156ff08a9c83d9.png Twilight Millennium
  • 7e0b64e9b9757.png Universe Millennium

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