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Paca lunch, let's have a picnic!


  • 5e7cb2c09c1063.png Azure Alpachico
  • 24bce1a09c1065.png Azure Alpachico (Bowler Hat)
  • Abfc14009c1067.png Azure Alpachico (Hair)
  • D13c47609c1069.png Azure Alpachico (Reading Glasses)
  • 6e0cf9019c106b.png Azure Alpachico (Face)
  • D8e8c06e9c106d.png Azure Alpachico (Bowtie)
  • A228930e9c106f.png Azure Alpachico (Cardigan)
  • 2d6866ae9c1071.png Azure Alpachico (Cardigan V2)
  • 57a835ce9c1073.png Azure Alpachico (Sweater Vest)
  • E8988baf9c1075.png Azure Alpachico (Suspended Chinos)
  • 13b413cb9c1077.png Azure Alpachico (Dapper Alpaca)


This item could be crafted in GoFusion with the following:

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  • Facd3d029e5003.png Studious Alpachico

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