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Sing with me one last time, for light's sacrifice,
Endless dawn came but not without a price,
Lost in the waves there glimmers, a pale blue stone,
I think of you, all alone


  • E2af7e469de715.png Azura's Hymn of Peace
  • 1983e6229de717.png Azura's Hymn of Peace (Hair)
  • 6343b5429de719.png Azura's Hymn of Peace (Her Hands)
  • Ec0340e29de71b.png Azura's Hymn of Peace (Her shirt)
  • 96c313829de71d.png Azura's Hymn of Peace (Skirt)
  • 29f3ade39de71f.png Azura's Hymn of Peace (Legs)
  • 9f17948c9de721.png Azura's Hymn of Peace (Summon Arms)
  • Af67df4d9de729.png Azura's Hymn of Peace (Summon Horns)
  • 544b47299de72b.png Azura's Hymn of Peace (Summon Legs)
  • 2e8b14499de72d.png Azura's Hymn of Peace (Wings)

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  • 4ed4fb3c9c78d7.png Twilight Hymn of Faith
  • 63dd6ffa0278e.png Vile Horns
  • 32064b649c6ef9.png Vile Hymn of Faith

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