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A companion for his creator, this life sized clockwork doll with no name designs outfits for the discerning clientele. The doll never desired anything else until a clumsy customer spilled her tea causing the automaton to momentarily short. It altered his programming and he began to discover he could feel. These new experiences confused and overwhelmed him. He asked the handsome redhead who had created him to build him a heart. His owner replied with a smile, "I'm afraid I don't have the skill to build that but perhaps you would consider mine". Days later, the Clockwork doll still did not understand...



  • 14a2b1119ad9e7.png Aware Aether Emporium
  • Ab920f709ad9e9.png Aware Aether Emporium (Eyes)
  • 50be97149ad9eb.png Aware Aether Emporium (Arms)
  • 2a7ec4749ad9ed.png Aware Aether Emporium (Clock-hand Wings)
  • A53e31d49ad9ef.png Aware Aether Emporium (Legs)
  • Dffe62b49ad9f1.png Aware Aether Emporium (Over Skirt)
  • 60cedcd59ad9f3.png Aware Aether Emporium (Corset)
  • 4dbba7ac9ad9f5.png Aware Aether Emporium (Clock Deco)
  • 377bf4cc9ad9f7.png Aware Aether Emporium (Hair)

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  • C7c77ed99f09d7.png Timeless Gaze

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