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An egg darkened with the clouds of holiday commercialization (Only 299!)

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  • 811ef0028e86 Atrum Egg
  • E5e05a28e80 Atrum Egg (egg)
  • Fbdea3628e84 Atrum Egg (Flight)
  • 704842d78e7c Atrum Egg (Glorious Egg)
  • Cf78fcb68e7e Atrum Egg (Glorious Eggs)
  • 3e2e4e638e88 Atrum Egg (Hat)
  • 749e56c28e82 Atrum Egg (Cape)
  • C502d6078e8a Atrum Egg (Halo)

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  • This item was available in the Cash Shop during Easter 2009.

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