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The map of the stars leads to many destinations.


  • D9952269cb33b.png Astrologer's Cosmic Path
  • Bc91439b9cb33d.png Astrologer's Cosmic Path (corset dress)
  • C65110fb9cb33f.png Astrologer's Cosmic Path (hair)
  • 4911e55b9cb341.png Astrologer's Cosmic Path (Leggings)
  • 33d1b63b9cb343.png Astrologer's Cosmic Path (Pants)
  • 77cd903e9cb347.png Astrologer's Cosmic Path (Shirt)
  • D0dc35e9cb349.png Astrologer's Cosmic Path (big hat)
  • 824d36fe9cb34b.png Astrologer's Cosmic Path (Vest)

Related Items[]

  • 84f859439db905.png Arcane Siblings' Apparel
  • Ddc8da509f5cab.png Astrologer's Ancient Path
  • Ca51f83e9e1977.png Astrologer's Breezy Path
  • 4c10b9149fcd9d.png Astrologer's Cathartic Path
  • 433d46fb9ce307.png Astrologer's Creamy Path
  • 5144d3269ccdad.png Astrologer's Crimson Path
  • C3c265489d6833.png Astrologer's Cute Path
  • 850cc5139eb1a3.png Astrologer's Decayed Path
  • Dc379152a19136.png Astrologer's Earthly Path
  • Fb4765cba235fd.png Astrologer's Eternal Path
  • 249fe6219f546d.png Astrologer's Frigid Path
  • Aebe5f579ccdbd.png Astrologer's Infinity Path
  • 9d60b9299ccd9d.png Astrologer's Milky Path
  • E188ccfea3114b.png Astrologer's Natural Path
  • 964538569cae69.png Astrologer's Path
  • B5d926039ec637.png Astrologer's Smart Path
  • 6e5bddb09deacd.png Astrologer's Starry Path
  • E33c2ed5a3321e.png Astrologer's Stormy Path
  • C20cdb8b9d1e35.png Astrologer's Thirsty Path
  • 9d5e11749e8ac3.png Astrologer's Twilight Path
  • 165cc875a03240.png [Exclusive] The Knowledgeable Astrologers

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Item History[]

This item is a drop from Precious Gemstones.

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