"A great assassin must dispatch his foes quickly and silently... but that doesn't mean it can't be messy. The tools of the world's shadiest trade are now at your disposal, and anyone who happens to look at you funny will now be disposed of. Skulk in the shadows with a badass assassin hood, get the job done stabbily with a razor-sharp katar, look fashionably evil with a belted armband or relive your favorite Gaia plot moments with a powerful sniper rifle."


  • Ba275e7c4131 Assassin's Guise
  • 410bc6184133 Assassin's Protection
  • 3bcb95784135 Assassin's Pain
  • B48b60d84137 Assassin's Silence
  • Ce4b33b84139 Assassin's Executioner
  • 717b8dd9413b Assassin's Eye


  • This was the first MC that included a gun.

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