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Ascended Demon (all positions)


By way of a strange blessing ceremony, this once sultry demon has become an agent of justice. Her horns and wings, as well as a temper as sharp as her tail, still remain, though they gleam with holy light.


  • 765e445210241.png Ascended Demon
  • F91eb1f210243.png Ascended Demon (Demonette Wings)
  • 83dee29210245.png Ascended Demon (Bone Horns)
  • 3cee5cf310247.png Ascended Demon (Fitted Belts)
  • 8a0a659c10249.png Ascended Demon (Judgement Whip)

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  • 464142ed9b45ef.png Lofty Demon
  • 8d1d91489b45f9.png Mournful Demon
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  • 6022d58699133b.png Soaring Demon
  • 7c4b239d9b45db.png Velvetine Demon

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