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One dark night a struggling playwrights discovers a forgotten unfinished opera. The ominous story consumes her and she is compelled to finish the tale...


  • 7e01ff3098c733.png Aria Dannata
  • 8b8159f098c72f.png Aria Dannata (Playwright's Desk)
  • 4c1ac5098c731.png Aria Dannata (Playwright's Boots)
  • C131415198c735.png Aria Dannata (Playwright's Coat)
  • 3a1dd93598c737.png Aria Dannata (Sudden Inspiration)
  • 83abf43498c8d7.png Aria Dannata: Count Fantasme (Dark Silk Hat)
  • 3c9b4a5598c8d9.png Aria Dannata: Count Fantasme (Flowing Cape)
  • C7b7d23198c8db.png Aria Dannata: Count Fantasme (Cutaway Coat)
  • Bd77815198c8dd.png Aria Dannata: Count Fantasme (Hessian Boots)
  • 323774f198c8df.png Aria Dannata: The Count (Murder Weapon)
  • B2abffae98cb1b.png Aria Dannata: Lady Rozabela (Silk Top)
  • D9b41cf98cb1d.png Aria Dannata: Lady Rozabela (Rose Skirt)
  • F6b7d9ab98cb1f.png Aria Dannata: Lady Rozabela (Girlish Heels)
  • C86bacce98cb19.png Aria Dannata: Lady Rozabela (Black Locks)
  • 8c778acb98cb21.png Aria Dannata: Lady Rozabela (Rozabela's Prized Roses)
  • Fc9a209598cad3.png Aria Dannata: Drowned Suitor (Soldier's Vestments)
  • 865a73f598cad5.png Aria Dannata: Drowned Suitor (Waist Corset)
  • 73dad53598cad1.png Aria Dannata: Drowned Suitor (Elegant Legs)
  • 91a865598cacf.png Aria Dannata: Drowned Suitor (Soaked Bangs)
  • 9172ba7398cadb.png Aria Dannata: Drowned Suitor (Succumbing to the Tide)
  • 7dc9c83998ce9f.png Aria Dannata: Madame Artemisia (Absinthe Drink)
  • C2f9765898cea1.png Aria Dannata: Madame Artemisia (Absinthe Set)
  • 39d5ee3c98cea3.png Aria Dannata: Madame Artemisia (Cream Tresses)
  • 4315bd5c98cea5.png Aria Dannata: Madame Artemisia (Spencer Coat)
  • Cc5548fc98cea7.png Aria Dannata: Madame Artemisia (Shoes and Leggings)
  • 6f3bd58e98cfdd.png Aria Dannata: Saucier Gordon (Locks)
  • 15fb86ee98cfdf.png Aria Dannata: Saucier Gordon (Discussion)
  • Aacb388f98cfe1.png Aria Dannata: Saucier Gordon (Jacket Shirt)
  • 51e7a0eb98cfe3.png Aria Dannata: Saucier Gordon (Work Apron)
  • 2b27f38b98cfe5.png Aria Dannata: Saucier Gordon (Legs)
  • C2771cc998d279.png Aria Dannata: Playwright's Madness (Gloves)
  • 4d37e96998d27b.png Aria Dannata: Playwright's Madness (Ragged Coat)
  • 37f7ba0998d27d.png Aria Dannata: Playwright's Madness (legs)
  • 88c7046898d27f.png Aria Dannata: Playwright's Madness (Whispy Hair)
  • 3e233d0798d281.png Aria Dannata: Playwright's Madness (Blazing Inferno)
  • 7d052d798d533.png Aria Dannata: Finale (Saucier Gordon's Hungry Eyes)
  • 7d1001b798d535.png Aria Dannata: Finale (Cesare's Grievous Lament)
  • F250f41798d537.png Aria Dannata: Finale (Artemisia's Overindulgence)
  • C558067c98d54d.png Aria Dannata: Finale (The Count's Stoic Disposition)
  • 7a68b81d98d54f.png Aria Dannata: Finale (Rozabela's Funeral Veil)
  • Fcfccab398d531.png Aria Dannata: Encore (Playwright's Glossy Eyes)
  • 37a0191698d53b.png Aria Dannata: Encore (Playwright's Downfall)
  • 4a18f3dc98d547.png Aria Dannata: Encore (Playwright's Encore Dress)
  • 30d8a0bc98d549.png Aria Dannata: Encore (Playwright's Anxious Pose)
  • Bf98551c98d54b.png Aria Dannata: Encore (Playwright's Silky Hair)

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  • 59e8f33b99bcbf.png Aria Addolorata
  • 6e392fc29c2a57.png Aria Ebreo
  • 3efe5af29b0bb3.png Aria Luminosa
  • 4b58c4a9aa347.png Aria Scuro
  • 41022051998319.png Cool Playwright's Silky Hair
  • Cca815a998305.png Dark Playwright's Silky Hair
  • 8aff147e9a5adf.png Gorgeous Playwright's Silky Hair
  • 41a3c7db9a5ae9.png Lavish Playwright's Silky Hair
  • 11cfb1e29982fb.png Light Playwright's Silky Hair
  • F9363655999351.png Playwright's Silky Ombre Hair
  • C79652ff99830f.png Warm Playwright's Silky Hair

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