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Some call it a curse, or even the touch of a demon. But you've always known what it really is: a magnificent, terrifying power.


  • 437c162f9a11bf.png Arcane Power
  • Fc4ca84e9a11c1.png Arcane Power (mage's vest)
  • 760302a9a11c3.png Arcane Power (mage's boots)
  • 7da0634a9a11c5.png Arcane Power (mage's cape)
  • F2e096ea9a11c7.png Arcane Power (downswept hair)
  • 8820c58a9a11c9.png Arcane Power (upswept bangs)
  • 37107beb9a11cb.png Arcane Power (spellcasting stare)

Related Items[]

  • 8b173580a26ff0.png Arcane Flair
  • 8a7189c9a4a57.png Arcane Forte
  • 3e4a96749a0ddf.png Arcane Gift
  • 41f00a3c9c13d5.png Arcane Leafy Talent
  • 8f6c77d39a213d.png Arcane Savvy
  • 1cb719289a8d51.png Arcane Strength
  • F073c2d89a004b.png Arcane Talent
  • 68f505649ea6c1.png Gross Talent
  • Aff30c0e9ecb6d.png Mysterious Incompetence

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