Aquatica (default, Sea Jewels, Mermaid's Brassiere, and Bubbles)


The Aquatica items let you join all your fishy friends under the deep blue sea! Take my advice and stay away from sea anemones (those guys are jerks) and giant squids (they stink, even underwater).


  • 333810122f73 Aquatica
  • 2e3d20aa2f69 Aquatica (Sea Jewels)
  • C6b8b6d22f6f Aquatica (Mermaid's Brassiere)
  • 910d9ecb2f6b Aquatica (Sharp Shell Crown)
  • Bc78e5b22f6d Aquatica (Sharkplate)
  • 49f843722f71 Aquatica (Shark Tail)
  • 54fd73ca2f67 Aquatica (Fish are Friends!)
  • Dbbd866a2f65 Aquatica (Bubbles)
  • 3e3a83092f99 Aquatica (Green Bubbles)


  • This was the first mermaid tail on Gaia, an item that had been heavily requested by users.
  • When the item was first released, the Bubbles pose had a glitch which caused them to appear green. Since it was so popular with users, instead of simply correcting the glitch, the green bubbles were added as an additional pose.

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