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The world will burn in fire and ash... seventeen years ago.


Positions[edit | edit source]

  • D03887109ca6f9.png Apocalypse Then
  • Aaf8d4709ca6fb.png Apocalypse Then (Hair)
  • 25b821d09ca6fd.png Apocalypse Then (Extension)
  • 5f7872b09ca6ff.png Apocalypse Then (Necklace)
  • E048ccd19ca701.png Apocalypse Then (Uniform)
  • 1b6454b59ca703.png Apocalypse Then (Uniform Legs)
  • 61a407d59ca705.png Apocalypse Then (Bandage Feet)
  • Eee4f2759ca707.png Apocalypse Then (Arm Cutter)
  • 9424a1159ca709.png Apocalypse Then (Wings)
  • 2b141f749ca70b.png Apocalypse Then (Background Cutter)
  • Ea32e6609ca70d.png Apocalypse Then (Ancient Dragon)

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