Antique Pierrot (all positions)


"Antique Pierrot is a natural circus performer, nimble, sweet and seemingly immune to gravity. Her gilded costume is trimmed with soft lambswool, and her cream-colored hair is tied in a tight bun. Watch as she expertly juggles delicate teacups! C'est facile~!"

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  • 9271b5e5150f7 Antique Pierrot
  • E8b1e685150f5 Antique Pierrot (Cotton Pouf)
  • 6327073015115 Antique Pierrot (Cream Bun)
  • 1e0b7c821513b Antique Pierrot (Gilded Top)
  • Ec67f29015117 Antique Pierrot (Candy Stripe Bloomers)
  • 96a7a1f015119 Antique Pierrot (Laced Boots)

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