A man who seeks revenge, will be consumed by it.


  • F3fde2389897bd (1) Antipathy
  • 3175b6939897cb Antipathy (Prisoner chains)
  • 756990969897c7 Antipathy (Invocation)
  • 3cb4677f9898bf Antipathy (Prisoner's throat)
  • Affd624398998d Antipathy (Wraak's blades)
  • D53d312398998f Antipathy (Jailer's hands)
  • A2998ace989a03 Antipathy (Royal Court's eyes)
  • A575a21c989a2b Antipathy (Royal Guards' guts)
  • 8800d965989a2d Antipathy (Wraak's legs)
  • 4a888dce989a47 Antipathy (Wraak's hands)
  • 4e5e99db989a61 Antipathy (Heir Apparent's blood)
  • C6d91759989b01 Antipathy (Wraak's cape)
  • 8c690ff8989b07 Antipathy (Queen's heart)
  • 93998154989c47 Antipathy (King's crown)
  • 52bf7840989c49 Antipathy (Wraak's mask)
  • 114f7697989c81 Antipathy (Prisoner's hair)
  • Ae7fc8f6989c83 Antipathy (Prisoner's eyes)
  • 830ab38f989c85 Antipathy (Prisoner's body)
  • D3c7223c989c67 Antipathy (Wraak)


  • Jailer's hands is the first pose that removes the avatar's arms.

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