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A girl's heart can shine like the seven colors of the rainbow, change simply by the breeze of the wind.


  • 7cf868a59952c3.png Angelic Idol
  • 6383bc59952c5.png Angelic Idol (Stage Princess)
  • 9f9f85309952c9.png Angelic Idol (Ruffled Vanity)
  • 6a1f23f09952cd.png Angelic Idol (Lovely Voice)
  • E55fd6509952cb.png Angelic Idol (Divine Diva)
  • B90885a49952c7.png Angelic Idol (Anti Peeping Bow)


  • This item could be acquired from Spinami.

Related Items[]

  • 55dd4f859fbaa3.png Angelic Excited Idol
  • F38dfde9997089.png Aphrodite Idol
  • 22cadcc899706b.png Divine Angelic Idol

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