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An egg filled with pure holiday joy (Also only 299!)

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  • Cb3a79db8e9a Albus Egg
  • 308270c78e8e Albus Egg (egg)
  • F5729dc68e92 Albus Egg (Flight)
  • Bfc285678e8c Albus Egg (Glorious Egg)
  • 447a8c7b8e94 Albus Egg (Glorious Eggs)
  • 3ebadf1b8e96 Albus Egg (Hat)
  • 4a4223a78e90 Albus Egg (Cape)
  • B1fa2abb8e98 Albus Egg (Halo)

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  • This item was available in the Cash Shop during Easter 2009.

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