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A proud warrior to her core, Adelpha fights for honor and justice. She might be a little overbearing at times, but Adelpha loves nothing more in this world than her baby brother, and would do anything to protect him.


  • Ec013585997e21.png Adelpha's Courage
  • 53318be4997e23.png Adelpha's Courage (Graceful Updo)
  • E2399a59997e25.png Adelpha's Courage (Mouth)
  • 98f9c939997e27.png Adelpha's Courage (Sword arm)
  • 17b93c99997e29.png Adelpha's Courage (Chestplate)
  • 6d796ff9997e2b.png Adelpha's Courage (Skirt)
  • D249d198997e2d.png Adelpha's Courage (Boots)

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  • E5b533a299abc1.png Adelpha's Design
  • B3923fd49d7991.png Adelpha's Independence
  • 5a719d92997e3d.png Adelpha's Intention
  • 296549fc997e2f.png Adelpha's Resolution
  • 2b7e79498fd99.png Adelpha's Resolve

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