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You have inherited a safe that once belonged to a glamorous siren of a bygone silver screen. It is said to contain one of her most brilliant collections...


  • Bedbff8498e6a5.png Adamant Vault
  • 1eb41e598e6a7.png Adamant Vault (diamond ring)
  • 6b61994098e9c3.png Adamant Vault (essential diamond earrings)
  • Fd310aba98ea87.png Adamant Vault (essential diamond bracelets)
  • Ae91744198e9c7.png Adamant Vault (antique diamond stomacher)
  • D73cc86998eaa7.png Adamant Vault (antique diamond belt)
  • Fc5bb10898ebd9.png Adamant Vault (elegant diamond bertha)
  • Fde8c33498f2c9.png Adamant Vault (elegant shoe clips)
  • 38182e3598f2cd.png Adamant Vault (elegant diamond accessory)
  • 9dbde96198f507.png Adamant Vault (regal diamond tiara)
  • Ed0790b098f4ed.png Adamant Vault (regal diamond overdress)
  • 8a01b19f98f753.png Adamant Vault (regal diamond studded hair)
  • E5eeee3398eb55.png Adamant Vault (regal diamond halo)
  • Fc8299a698f9a3.png Adamant Vault (famed diamond eyelashes)
  • 3b87cab398fa99.png Adamant Vault (famed diamond gown)
  • E8048d0f98fc2f.png Adamant Vault (famed diamond wings)
  • B7fd03d498fb31.png Adamant Vault (famed diamond skin)
  • C571f67698fc41.png Adamant Vault (famed diamond decor)

Related Items[]


  • 7e038c6b9ad4a9.png Amethyst Vault
  • 815c397b9ad0f3.png Emerald Vault
  • E1eded179a630d.png Glacial Vault
  • 36a2a4779a5277.png Golden Vault
  • C0a976839b541d.png Kunzite Vault
  • 9932f38f994f19.png Morganite Vault
  • D8df54779bb18b.png Rose Vault
  • 9ec420b4994b27.png Ruby Vault
  • Feed6bbe994bbb.png Sapphire Vault
  • 1373ba39d2939.png Soapy Friends
  • 5e29c2b59be4c5.png Tourmaline Vault


  • 797b74d098fc81.png I Am Adamant

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