[Animal] Vagrant Rider (all positions except envelope)


"Having heard of Club Tengu, a group of modern day Ronin that have banded together, she follows the lead of two of its most infamous figures, in hopes to see if she too can join its ranks."


  • E1aebe089c8171 [Animal] Vagrant Rider
  • 6eee4ba89c8173 [Animal] Vagrant Rider (Hair)
  • 673acca69c817b [Animal] Vagrant Rider (Glasses)
  • 1dfa9fc69c8179 [Animal] Vagrant Rider (Vest)
  • Ab1ea6a99c8177 [Animal] Vagrant Rider (Coat)
  • 142e18c89c8175 [Animal] Vagrant Rider (Pants)
  • 9b6eed689c816f [Animal] Vagrant Rider (Motorcycle)
  • F1f41d1a9c0723 [Animal] April 2016 Collectible Envelope

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