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"Kuze isn't a Tom who's gonna yowl on your fencepost in the middle of the night; he's more the type to blast your socks off then get called on by the police for disturbing the peace."


  • 356edc25999833.png [Animal] Kuze the Tomcat
  • 31b8c830999841.png [Animal] Kuze the Tomcat (Torn ears)
  • 4b789b50999843.png [Animal] Kuze the Tomcat (Bangs)
  • F4482531999845.png [Animal] Kuze the Tomcat (Eyes)
  • F64bd55999847.png [Animal] Kuze the Tomcat (Attitude!)
  • 75a4ee35999849.png [Animal] Kuze the Tomcat (Scrappy Scars)
  • Fae41b9599984b.png [Animal] Kuze the Tomcat (Fur)
  • 8e1ce729999789.png August 2014 Collectible Envelope

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