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Come and visit this friendly neighborhood and win a great prize!

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The following items are new with [Animal] Friendly Neighborhood:

  • 427534f09985e1 [Animal] Cheery Townfolk
  • Ec8dabe1998747 [Animal] Elder Mayor
  • 1a3731e69987c9 [Animal] Faithful Friend
  • E2219545998739 [Animal] Opportunistic Moneylender
  • 16b708489982e1 [Animal] Prattle Feather
  • 4b62f109998677 [Animal] Sourire
  • Aa4033d998753 [Animal] Sparkling Neighbor
  • 18955c7d9986df [Animal] Stylish Sisters
  • Bb38f3689989a1 [Animal] Village Rhythm
  • B9cd3dec998601 [Animal] Woolly Tinkerer
  • 851bd299985f5 [Animal] Woolly Trader

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